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Libyan electoral officials on Wednesday announced the beginning of a two-month voter registration exercise, though it remains unclear when the poll will held in the North African nation.


The United Nations is said to support the exercise as it seeks to reconcile rival factions and re-launch a political transition that would lead to new polls.


Libya has been rid by conflict since the 2011 ouster and killing of former long-serving leader Muammar Gaddafi.


Gaddafi’s killing created a void that led to conflict between various factions that sought to gain control of the country.


The war led to a divided nation, with two different factions claiming the country, one operating from Tobruk while the other operated from Tripoli.


The international community has been pushing for talks between the two factions in an effort to end the conflict and put the country back on a trail of unified governance.


The UN Libya mission has previously said it hopes elections can be held by the end of next year, but has also acknowledged complex security, political and legislative challenges to organizing a vote.


“The registration process will last for 60 days, and the extension of process can be considered as required,” Reuters quotes the UN Libya envoy Ghassan Salame to have said.


Libyans living abroad will also be able to register online.

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